Abuse and (domestic) violence do not go to the churches. Also not at the Adventist church. We often do not realize the extent of the problem and we do not know how to tackle it in the church. We close our eyes, cover it with the mantle of love and do not know what legal obligations we have. The Seventh-day Adventist Denomination therefore wants to pay extra attention to a safe church environment for young and old. Violence, abuse, bullying … it does not belong in a Christian community. God enters into a relationship with the whole person: body and mind. When something is done to the body of the spirit of a fellow man, that also touches God. After all, every person carries his image. We owe it to God and ourselves to provide a safe environment that prevents violence and abuse in any form. Confidential advisors We have confidential advisers where you can go with all your questions and a good conversation. Look here for all confidants.


At various moments in the training of elders, deacons, youth, children’s Sabbath school, scouting and teen leaders the Safe Church will be discussed