The Bible is the inspired Word Of God (2Tim.3:16)

The Godhead consists of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matt. 28:19)

Salvation is a free gift from God, which we receive through Faith. (Eph. 2:5:9)

True conversion is reflected by a regeneration and sanctification of the believer. (Jo. 3:3-6)

Jesus Christ will return soon in a personal and visible manner to redeem His people. (Matt. 24:30)

We are living in the judgment hour immediately preceding Christ’s return. (Rev. 14:6-7)

The body is the living temple of the Holy Spirit and is not to be defiled by alcohol, tobacco, drugs or wrong eating habits. (1Cor. 3:16,17; 6:19,20)

The Ten Commandments will be the standard of the judgment and are still binding upon the Christians. (Ex. 20:3-17)

The original Seventh-Day Sabbath is a memorial of creation and has never been changed by Divine authority. (Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; Lu. 4:16; Isa. 5:56-58:13,14)

Spiritual Gifts including the Spirit Of Prophecy, which is the identifying mark of the Remnant Church, are given to the Church until the end of time. (Joel 2:28; 1Cor. 1:5-7; Rev. 12:17; 19:10)

A tithe (10%) of our income is holy and is reserved for the support of the ministry. (Mal. 3:8-12)

We avoid worldliness in our deportment, recreation and attire in reflection of our love for God. (1Tim. 2:9.10; Isa. 3:16-24; James 1:27; 4:4; 1Jo. 2:15-17)